How to Know: Transparent Energy Management for your Business

Secure your investment in sustainable energy supply

Are you looking for a way to make the energy supply for your company environmentally friendly and cost-effective? An investment in a photovoltaic system can be an important and right step for you.

Why is it important?

Energy costs are constantly rising and fossil fuels are finite. With a photovoltaic system, you use the power of the sun to secure the energy supply of your company. Today, more and more customers are paying attention to the sustainability of the companies from which they purchase their products and services. By investing in a photovoltaic system, you show that you are addressing the issue of sustainability head-on, thereby also supporting your corporate image in the long term.

Why is it right?

We all want future generations to still have room to maneuver and not just have to deal with our "legacy". By contributing to a sustainable energy supply, you are creating further sustainable values in addition to your company. The legal requirements for energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions continue to increase. Through your photovoltaic system you make a direct contribution to this, and can include these energy quantities in your "overall balance" in the company. Companies that actively promote a sustainable energy supply optimize their image, which of course also has a positive effect on the motivation of their employees. By using a photovoltaic system you can reduce the energy costs of your company. Reduced costs lead to new entrepreneurial opportunities, so ignite the growth turbo for your company!

Many advantages exist, but sometimes they can bring further challenges and reservations:

  • Cost factor can be a barrier.
  • Complex requirements to connect to the grid.
  • Uncertainty in forecasting investment development.
  • Search for further possibilities of use, such as own use of the energy.
  • Identifying and filtering out the right information for direct marketing.

Grow Beyond Yourself: Solar-LogTM offers Everything you Need

As a pioneer in the field of solar energy, we can boast a wealth of experience in small projects as well as complex large-scale projects. With an eye on future trends and legal regulations, we constantly scrutinize our technology and services to ensure the premium state-of-the-art quality of our "Designed and Made in Germany" services. Solar-Log completely fulfills what you expect: supplying energy efficiently, and cost-effectively with the right hardware, through clever feed-in management and reliable monitoring. With Solar-Log™ you have a partner at your side who competently assists you in answering questions by means of a flexible and well thought-out system solution. Our flexible solution combines the areas of grid connection, energy management, marketing, and plant monitoring for you, and provides you with the right solution.

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The Solar-Log™ Benefits at a Glance

  • With zero-feed-in, self-consumption control, peak load capping, and charging control for e-charging stations, you have a smart energy control system at the grid transformer.
  • You gain transparency about your energy consumption and energy production, as well as marketing.
  • Solar-Log™ is expandable with modules for additional interfaces.
  • You fulfill the required certifications for the grid connection.
  • You get a complete and reliable monitoring of your investment, so that you reach your energetic and financial goals, with a maintenance-friendly all-round carefree service, which has access to your plants worldwide.
  • We will provide you with comprehensive training to build expertise.
  • We will also be happy to monitor your system for you.

Monitoring, error detection and analysis

  • System monitoring with high performance
  • Compatible with third-party logger systems
  • Remote configuration possibilities for fewer on-site visits
Solag-Log™ WEB4-U

Monitoring as a service by

  • Expertise from over 300,000 installed devices
  • Offer your customers plant monitoring as a risk-free service
  • Save time and costs
Feed-in management

Optimized power output at the
Grid interconnection point

  • Certified solution according to VDE-AR-4110
  • Powerful range of active and reactive power controls
  • Turnkey complete solutions right up to the transformer station
Smart Energy

Optimized own use of the generated energy

  • Self-consumption optimization with high flexibility
  • Networking of photovoltaics with heat generators, e-charging stations and more
  • Reduce grid purchases and cut costs

An Alternative Energy Source - 
Efficient and Future-Oriented
Solar Energy with Solar-Log™

Our goal is to combine all our know-how, the latest technologies, hardware, and software in such a way that a future-proof energy concept tailored to your needs is created.

The implementation of solar energy in your company is an important proof that you are ahead with innovative measures and act responsibly by creating values for the following generations as well and that you also make your contribution to the energy transition. The fact that you support regional value creation and the local network in the process is another big plus in your company profile!

Avoid Yield Losses -
Professional Monitoring
with Solar-LogTM

The smooth operation of a PV system should always be guaranteed. This can only be achieved for existing plants as well as new plants with seamless monitoring. With its monitoring, Solar-Log™ offers an excellent solution to reduce the risk of financial losses to a minimum - problems are identified immediately and specifically, and are then reported immediately with concrete statements on possible optimization measures.

In the following case study, we have calculated for you in concrete terms what happens if a partial failure of one or more inverters is not detected over a longer period of time. On the basis of the shown calculation model we show you which financial influence an avoidably small failure in a plant can have on the economic efficiency of the entire system.

Case Study Failure

Complete Failure of 2 Inverters

Solar-Log Web EnerestTM - Seamless PV monitoring

Our online platform offers transparent controlling with information on yield and costs.

It is a reliable tool that allows you to keep an eye on the functionality of your PV system at all times. During the development of the platform we paid attention to a flexible and clear structure, whose settings can be adapted to your needs and the user interface can be individually adapted to the CI of your company. Solar-Log Web EnerestTM is easy to use. We support you with comprehensive training courses during the familiarization phase and continue to accompany you: Our support team is available to help you at any time and is there for you if you have any questions.

Learn more about Solar-LogTM WEB Enerest 4

Solar Log™ WEB-4U: Our Service for You

We have good news for you: neither your employees nor you have to use your valuable time for monitoring. In consultation with you, we can also take care of any changes that arise via remote maintenance and relieve you of your daily workload. Our specialists ensure that your work-life balance and that of your employees does not get out of joint!

Trust our Specialists

  • They save you valuable time.
  • They have years of experience and extensive know-how.
  • They recognize occurring errors immediately.
  • They prepare important troubleshooting information for you.
  • They are happy to take over additional functions such as the complete configuration of the online portal, as well as the recording and setup of your PV system.

Learn more about Solar-Log™ WEB-4U

Benefit from subsidies
and a sustainable image

Companies not only benefit from diverse marketing solutions with photovoltaic systems. In addition to diverse support mechanisms and tax advantages, the corporate image benefits from investments in a sustainable energy supply. The advantages for companies are manifold and usually have nothing directly to do with cheaper, clean power supply, an investment in a sustainable energy supply. Studies show that future skilled workers in particular pay a great deal of attention to the issue of "sustainability" and give this point a high priority when choosing an employer. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and increasing demands on customer solutions, this is certainly an important aspect.

Companies that produce sustainably can achieve higher prices, which helps companies to maintain healthy margins so that they can continue to invest in new products or services. In addition to these and many other points, CO2 emissions are taxed in many countries; companies with sustainable energy supply benefit from lower taxation in this case. Subsidies - direct and indirect benefits for the entire company by investing in a photovoltaic system, a very good, future-oriented combination for companies. You too can benefit from this!

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